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About Guardianship

A legal guardian is a person appointed by the court to make decisions on behalf of someone who is unable to make decisions for himself. The person in need (generally known as the “ward”) is often a minor who has no family or an adult with special needs. Among other duties, the legal guardian’s responsibilities may include providing consent for medical treatment; supplying necessities like food and clothing; and handling finances, bill paying and bank accounts.

At Intervention Associates, the care managers who serve as legal guardians are either certified by the National Guardianship Association or specialize in eldercare and special needs issues. From Medicaid recipients to high net-worth individuals with complex asset portfolios—the wards entrusted to our care benefit from the breadth of our experience and resources, including the support of our parent company, Friends Life Care System, and the trusted, long-standing community relationships we’ve developed in more than a quarter century of service. We’ve earned the confidence of Courts of Common Pleas and the many attorneys and professional advisors in the Philadelphia region who rely on us. They know we carefully limit our guardianship caseloads so we are able to handle the most complicated issues with the highest level of integrity and attention to the physical, financial, and emotional well-being of the people we serve.

Durable Power of Attorney

Our certified staff members also serve as agents with power of attorney for individuals who become incapacitated but who are not our legal wards. Power of attorney allows our experts to handle bank transactions, sign for things like Social Security checks, apply for disability benefits, write checks to pay household bills, and handle other legal transactions temporarily or long-term, while a person is medically unable. 







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