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Intervention Associates (IVA) is a nonprofit Quaker-based organization that provides professional in-home and other care management and legal guardianship services for people of all ages with all kinds of conditions – even the most complex diseases, chronic conditions, and physical and mental disabilities. A subsidiary of Friends Life Care Partners, Intervention Associates is one of the oldest and most trusted care management firms of its kind serving the greater Philadelphia area, PA, NJ, and DE.

Premium Care Management and Legal Guardianship Services

Care Services and Support for Families and Their Loved Ones

Intervention Associates provides professional in-home and other care management services and legal guardianship services for children and adults with disabilities, as well as the geriatric population. Our skilled and knowledgeable care management team brings expertise in assessing, planning and delivering care services across an entire continuum of health care for people living with basic to complex disabilities such as age-related decline, Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, mental illness and special needs.

Partnering with Attorneys, Consultants, and Trustees for Over 25 Years

As one of the oldest, most trusted care management organizations of its kind in the greater Philadelphia area, Intervention Associates is also the proven partner for elder care attorneys, financial consultants, trustees and other professionals serving clients with care-related special needs. Our vast experience in all aspects of care management services, legal guardianship and health care power of attorney can enhance and enrich the support professionals need to best serve their clients.


Our main areas of care management and guardianship services include…



IVA… making lives better.

I broke down in tears, then picked up the phone.

Mom had always been so independent – the kind of a person who did everything for anyone. She was the matriarch; and we all counted on her for advice and love and a cupcake. Over the last two years, things have been getting worse. She has been really disorganized and neglects to pay her bills and take her medication. The last straw came last weekend when she forgot she was cooking something and left the stove on. I came in to smell the food burning… just in time, really. That is when I knew we needed help.

I called Intervention Associates and told them how worried I was and how difficult it might be to get Mom to accept the help she needed. They came out the next day to assess the situation and map out a plan for us. Now I wish that I had called sooner. We are all so relieved we don’t have to go it alone.

The IVA Response

  • Credentialed care manager was matched to the client based on requirements.
  • Comprehensive assessment with practical recommendations was completed.
  • Assessment became the road-map guiding immediate care services put in place for the client.
  • Care services were monitored over time with ongoing reporting for the family.
  • Adjustments were made in care management and services as needed.