What You Need to Know About Geriatric Care From An Expert

November 21, 2018 by Maria Buehler in Care Management, Crisis Intervention, For Individuals, For Professionals, Guardianship, Power of Attorney

judy siderer-expert in geriatric care

If anyone knows and understands the field of geriatric care, it’s Judy Siderer, senior care manager and geriatric care manager at Intervention Associates. Siderer is an expert in geriatric care management. She understands the complexity of aging. She also understands what it takes to care for an elderly.

In addition, she knows how to help families and their loved one live a life with the least stress as possible by giving them the support they need. If you are in need of professional care or know someone who may need it, then, listen to this short podcast.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of geriatric care as a proactive and preventive plan for the future
  • Who needs this type of care
  • Why geriatric care is not just for the elderly
  • How to find a professional care management company with stellar reputation
  • How to find the right care manager and caregiver

Judy Siderer has been a care manager with Intervention Associates for 28 years. She offers clients extensive experience working with diverse populations including geriatric, intellectually disabled, mental health, special needs and traumatic brain injury. Judy’s clinical expertise, communication skills, insight and sensitivity make her uniquely qualified to manage the most challenging circumstances. As Senior Care Manager, she also provides clinical training and supervision for new care managers. Judy Siderer earned a Masters of Social Work degree from Temple University and an undergraduate degree in psychology.

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