Trusted patient advocacy and legal guardianship services
Trusted patient advocacy and legal guardianship services


Legal Guardianship Services

In more extreme cases, when an individual is deemed incapacitated by the court, Intervention Associates is capable of filling the role of legal guardian, providing the care, help, support and solutions needed. Often the person in need or “ward” is an adult with special needs, an elder with Alzheimer’s or dementia or a minor without sufficient family support. Legal guardians are appointed by the court to make decisions on behalf of an individual.

We’ve earned the confidence of Courts of Common Pleas and attorneys in the greater Philadelphia area who rely on us for trusted advocacy and legal guardianship services. They know we limit our guardianship caseload to assure we can handle all aspects of even the most complicated cases. We proceed with the highest level of integrity and vigilance to the physical, financial and emotional well-being of the people we serve. As an organization guided by Quaker values, we would not have it any other way.


Health Care Navigation

The health care system has been described as a maze of options and decisions.  Recent legislature has just added to the complexity.  Intervention Associates has helped thousands of clients and their families navigate the system and overcome barriers to obtain the best, most cost-effective health care and related services.  We can do this directly or by partnering with attorneys, financial advisors and other professionals involved. There is no need to be overwhelmed by the choices and decisions with IVA on your side.


IVA care managers can act as patient advocates. They take an active role in educating clients. Sometimes it’s difficult for a client to understand all of the information they receive during a doctor’s visit. We can help. We are by the client’s side when they are in the hospital, a long-term care or nursing home facility, or at home. These are important services we provide to keep clients safe and comfortable at home. Advocacy and education are important ways that we sustain living independently at home.


Intervention Associates has the connections and experience to provide informed referrals.  This includes care providers like doctors, specialists and adult daycare programs, as well as outpatient rehabilitation and other such facilities.  In addition, we can make referrals to qualified financial providers, eldercare attorneys and other professionals.


We help clients understand the benefits that they are entitled to receive.  In addition, we can help them to apply.  IVA is a trusted partner.


The team at IVA can assist in evaluating the appropriateness and quality of care provided by a nursing home, assisted living facility or other senior care residence. There are many types of residential services and it can be hard to find the best fit for the individual in need. We have years of experience in helping to select the right facility and monitoring the care provided.

IVA also has transitional care expertise. We help individuals move to or from a retirement community or other care facility, while helping to minimize the stress of what can be a challenging situation.


Expert Crisis Intervention

Sometimes crises arise that are beyond the reach or capability of a family member or caretaker.  Your first call for a true emergency should be 911.

For crisis situations that are not emergencies, there is IVA. The professionals and care managers at Intervention Associates have the knowledge and experience to determine the best immediate, short-term health care and other solutions for individuals in need. Our certified team members are trained in providing coping mechanisms to those who are confused, ill, suffering from addiction or otherwise struggling.

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